Monday, October 13, 2008

Laminate Counter Replacement - Kitchen

I recently installed new laminate counters in an apartment unit. After 20 years, the old plastic laminate counters get chipped, cracked, scrapped, and burnt. Here is a quick look at the before and after. The colors were order the same, to match the existing color. Counters take a few weeks to receive. Here are some examples of the work done.

Kitchen Drain Pipe Repair

While working on a different job at an apartment complex, management called me to look at a problem they were having in one of the units. The downstairs resident could hear water dripping inside the wall. We checked the plumbing in both units, the upstairs unit had a problem.

The plastic drain pipe (ABS) had cracked just below the tee. Water was leaking down the wall when the upstairs unit ran the kitchen plumbing. I've included a video discribing how we fixed the problem. It may be helpful to you. The wall was dried out before closing the wall. No dry rot was found.

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