Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fence Repair at Apartment Community

There has been a lot of activity in apartment communities throughout the Sacramento Region. With the warmer weather, repairs to fencing, siding, and other exterior surfaces had been on the rise. Often times, these repairs are being done before doing some exterior painting.

Property management companies, and home owners realize that now is an excellent time to make improvements in their property. Cost of supplies are down, contractors are very competitive on pricing, and improved properties are much easier to lease.

Interested in getting an estimate on your property? Contact some local contractors today.

Good luck in all your property improvements.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

"I'm Not A Handyman, But Sometimes I Play One At Work"

I consider myself very handy around the house. Not too many things that I haven't done. Years ago I was a handyman and did well in that business. But now I'm a contractor, been one for years. Love the larger jobs that come with being a general contractor in the State of California. Lately, I find that I have been dabbling in the handyman domain.
Usually a homeowner has a minor problem and needs some advice about a big problem. I go to take a look and much to the surprise of the homeowner, the problem really isn't a big deal. I have enough experience doing so many trades, it has always been easier to just fix it right now. Homeowners and property managers love it - it costs less. Nobody wants to spend a ton of money in a tight market. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting the short stick. Almost like I'm taking business from myself. Then I think back.

Virtually all my work today comes from referrals - long time customers, customers I met yesterday, agents, colleagues, etc. The vast majority of these can be linked back to some small job that I did in the past. I still get the big jobs, so I guess I'll keep doing the small ones and be grateful.
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