Thursday, August 26, 2010

General Contractor's Quick Response To Voice Mail Message

There are many things that take place in an apartment community to get a unit ready to rent once someone moves out. No manager likes there unit to sit empty for very long, so getting it turned around and "rent ready" is an on-going task. We often get calls from apartment managers to help do some things to get the place ready. The calls that we get vary from the minor fixes, to the major rehabs. Recently, we got a call from a community in Cameron Park to do some painting and things. The call went to voice mail, but we quickly got the job done for them.

Here is a short video of that call.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cameron Park Contractor's 12 Second Vinyl Door Install Video Gets Hits

I'm not real sure how or why it has happened but I have a real short video that has been seen over 700 times. I don't even think that I have posted it anywhere. I shot the video to test the lighting in the area, uploaded it to YouTube just to see how long it would take, pretty much forgot about it until seeing how many times it has been viewed. Here is that video, all 12 seconds of it. Can you figure out what why all the views?

I will sit here as a baffled general contractor wondering if I should install another vinyl sliding door and make another video here in Cameron Park, Ca.
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