Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking For A Local Contractor?

How do you go about finding a contractor in your local area? This doesn't just apply to contractor searches, it can be the dry cleaner, pizza, mechanic, and any other search target. Where do you start? Word-of-mouth is the most trusted - someone who has used this service before recommends them to you.

The internet has made it very convenient to do research from our home, office, and mobile phone. If you are in need of a local service, many start with a Google search. Google will list local search results at the top of the list. A great beginning but do I believe they are the best company for me? Further research may be needed. Sites like Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google Places, can pick up local businesses in your area.

The idea of finding a contractor (or dry cleaner, pizza,etc.) on the internet is becoming more and more common. Finding sources of searching for what we are looking for becomes more and more important. This takes getting use to, we have to try it.

I love to hear from you about how and where you find local services in your area.

Happy searching!
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