Monday, August 17, 2009

Shower Repairs in Sacramento Apartment

Water has damaged the walls of this shower. Bad grout, caulk, or lack of attention to proper maintenance; the end result is that the shower walls need to be replaced.
Here is a quick video of the soft "drywall" behind to ceramic tiles.

Proper maintenance, and routine inspections could have saved this shower. Here is a link that may help you in maintaining your tub/shower.

Shower maintainance.

Hope this helps!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Placerville Contractor Repairs Hidden Leak in Wall

Water was seeping outfrom under the cabinet, at first management thought it was a drain pipe leak under the sink. Water was on the floor but not under the sink. Shower leak? Toilet maybe? After doing some clean up, and testing in the area, it was discovered that the water was coming from under the cabinet.

The water only appeared on the floor when the sink was running. A hole was cut in the drywall under the vanity sink to check the drain. Reaching into the opening Tromler Construction discovered that the drain line was cracked at the concrete slab. The cabinet needed to be removed to do the repair work to the drainage pipe.
It looks bad but the area was cleaned up quickly after correcting the problem in the wall.The new drywall was patched and textured to match the existing surfaces. A new cabinet was install because the old one had water damage to the base. Since the resident notified management early, the damaged area was not bad. This apartment was in Cameron Park, CA. Tromler Construction is available throughout Northern California. Contact us with any questions regarding your property.

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