Saturday, November 1, 2008

Water Damage and Dry Rot

The restoration and rebuilding from water damage and dry rot can be a large project that an experienced contractor can help make things easier than you first thought.

If you are a home owner, you probably have experienced water damage. The drain leaks, you catch it early and clean it up. Sometimes the damage and rot from water is not as obvious or the water damage is hidden until it is more severe. Water damage and dry rot can come from many sources, we will focus on a plumbing leak. Water related damage from a water heater. The water heater has been leaking and caused dry rot under the home. The home owner was not aware of the extent of the rot damage.

The owner of the home had a water heater that was leaking within the appliance. The water ran down the inside, and into the pan below. The metal pan had small holes due to electrolysis. The small holes allowed the water to seep out and under the pan. The pan never filled with water because of the holes, so the owners never notice the start of the water damage to the floor and walls. Once it became apparent that the water was leaking water damage and dry rot was severe. Here are some picture of the damage caused by the leaking appliance.

The water heater was replaced to stop the leaking. An insurance claim was made after this discovery and an experienced contractor, Tromler Construction, was asked to make recommendations. The project will start soon after the insurance issues are done. Tromler Construction will post the water damage findings in a later post.

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